Introducing the
Swift-Cut XP
The brief was simple, take all that we learnt with our best selling Swift- Cut Pro plasma machine and build it bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before. The outcome is a range of two heavy duty CNC plasma cutting machines built to withstand the rigours of all day cutting whilst still remaining incredibly affordable.

The Swift-Cut XP is cutting edge in its design and more durable than ever. Designed with production cutting in mind up to 40mm* (1 1/2”) and with an edge start capacity of up to 60mm* (2 1/3”), the XP range of tables is supplied with AC servo motors across all axes for improved performance and accuracy.
*in conjunction with the Thermal Dynamics Autocut 300 cutting mild steel


Main Key Features:

  •  Intelligent Torch Height Control (ITHC) means less set up and the perfect cutting height every time
  • 360 degree breakaway head stops any damage to the torch or work piece in the event of a part collision
  • SwiftCAM Advanced software with auto nest facility and SwiftCNC control software included as standard
  • Downdraft and water table cutting bed options available on the XP 3000 (XP 510). Available as down draft only on XP 4000 (XP 613)
  • Designed, engineered, and fully supported by the Swift-Cut team
  • Freestanding operators console can be positioned at any point around the table
  • A choice of ten plasma power sources with capacities from 3mm to 40mm (0.12” to 1.5”)
  • Smooth and precise AC servo motors across all axis
  • Mixed gas cutting and water-cooled torch available
    on MAXPRO 200, m2 200i and Autocut power sources
  • Water Mist Secondary (WMS) optimises non-ferrous metal cutting on m2 200i, Autocut 200* and 300


Table Footprint
Table weight
Cutting envelope
Z-Axis travel
Maximum supported material load
Traverse speed
Drive description
Gantry Clearance
Maximum material thickness
Maximum cut capacity
of box section
Fume extraction method
Input Voltage
Input Air Pressure 7
Flow rate
Linear Positional Accuracy
Ballbar Circularity
XP 4000 (XP 613)
3710mm x 2030mm (12.2’ x 6.6’) 4720mm x 2465mm (15.5’ x 8.1’)
1500kg (3300lbs) 2600kg (5732lbs)
1780mm (70’)
3000mm x 1500mm (10’ x 5’) 4000mm x 2000mm (13’ x 6.5’)
150mm (6”)
1167kg (2573lbs) 2010kg (4430lbs)
18m/min (708ipm)
400W AC servo motors fitted with antibacklash gearboxes on the X and Y axis. 100W AC servo on ballscrew driven Z-Axis. Linear rail on all axes.
210mm (8.2”)
32mm (1.25”)

150mm (6”)
110-230VAC (6-4A)
7-7.5bar (100-110PSI)
300LPM (10CFM)
0.5mm/m (0.006”/ft)
0.4mm/m (0.005”/ft)
0.3mm/m (0.004”/ft)


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