Renegade ES is a professional single-phase, MMA and Live TIG welding machine with the most resistant IP23 housing designed for use in demanding environments. Equipped with a high-quality carry strap with multiple lift points, Renegade ES is ready to move with you when portability is required. Additionally, a built-in active PFC circuit provides an uninterrupted power supply, even with long extension cables (up to 100 m).
Renegade ES have been designed to weld with any type of electrode in superior quality, including 6010 cellulosic. User have a direct access to parameters and memory buttons, which makes machine very easy to work with.


  • Highest durability housing with IP23 for indoor and outdoor use
  • For professional MMA welding with electrodes up to 4 mm with a high output power
  • PFC for stable arc even with extra long mains cable, up to 100 m
  • A powerful voltage booster provide additional arc voltage for superior cellulosic weld performance
  • Easy to read and quick to set panel increasing the accuracy and reduces the down time
  • Adjustable Hot start and Arc force for optimal arc adjustment
  • 3 memory settings for easy access to welding parameters
  • ESAB Handy 200 electrode holder included


  • Ship and Offshore Yards
  • Civil Construction
  • Pipe Construction
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Mining
  • Steel Erectors


Mains Voltage
Fuse Slow
Rated KVA
Energy save mode
Welding Output MMA
Welding Output TIG
Setting Range MMA
Setting Range TIG
Power Factor Max Current
Open Circuit VDC High
Enclosure class
Operating Temperature
Supply plug
115/230 VAC ±15%, 1ph, 50/60 Hz
16 A
3.3 KVA (115VAC), 6 KVA (230VAC)
<30 W
115 VAC:
110A / 24.4V at 25%
71A / 22.8V at 60%
55A / 22.2V at 100%

230 VAC:
180A / 27.2V at 25%
116A / 24.6V at 60%
90A / 23.6V at 100%
115 VAC:
140A / 15.6V at 25%
90A / 13.6V at 60%
80A / 12.8V at 100%

230 VAC:
210A / 18.4V at 25%
135A / 15.4V at 60%
105A / 14.2V at 100%
115 VAC MMA: 15A / 20.6V –110A / 24.4V230 VAC MMA: 15A / 20.6V –180A / 28.4V
115 VAC TIG: 10A / 10.4V –140A / 15.6V
230 VAC TIG: 10A / 10.4V –210A / 18.4V
99 %
78 VDC
-10 to +40°C (+14 to +104°F)
460 x 200 x 320 mm
CEE 16 A
9.9 kg


Renegade ES 210i


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