The heavy-duty CNC cutting machine delivering quality cutting at a value-price. Seventy years of experience in cutting and responding to customers’ needs have resulted in an extensive range of products to meet profile cutting applications. ESAB has developed a range of machines that deliver better cut quality, higher cutting speeds, lower operating costs and allow sophisticated integration into automated production methods.

PHOENIX CS is designed as an entry-level CNC cutting machine incorporating the same quality and benefits associated with ESAB’s higher level machines.

The PHOENIX CS cutting machine as in standard is equipped with oxy-fuel cutting torches for cutting mild steel plates. As a complete solution with iCNC controller and the option of programming system, the PHOENIX CS offers you the ideal system to solve your most common cutting tasks quickly and economically.


  • Heavy-duty 3-axis gantry
  • Compact design covers 8 ft. to 19 ft. wide, up to 90 ft. long plate
  • Heavy duty rails, machined & welded steel construction
  • Easy-to-use iCNC touch-screen controller with built-in Process
  • Database for Plasma & Oxyfuel cutting
    – Plasma cutting up to 2 inch thickness with 400amp System
    – Oxyfuel cutting up to 6 inch thickness

Simplified torch lifter with torch exchange

  • Satisfy most basic cutting requirements
  • Tool-less torch exchange
  • Anti-collision protection with magnetic breakaway mounts
  • Maintains automatic initial and cut height control
    capability for Plasma cut
  •  Manual height control for Oxyfuel cut


Track Width (mm)
Track Length
Parking Length

Possible Tool Arrangements
Max. Tools
Max. Tool Carriages
Max. Plasma Torches
Max. Oxy-Fuel Torches
Max. Marking Tools
Max. Plasma Thickness
Max. Oxy-Fuel Thickness
Oxy-Fuel Gas Control Type
Max. Traverse Speed
Plasma Beveling
Oxy-Fuel Beveling
Plasma Options
Marking Options
Main Axes Drives
Main Axes Gearboxes
Gantry Type
Beam Design
Carriage Type
Rail Type
CNC Mounting
Cable Chain Mount
Plasma torch holder
Plasma Initial Height Sensing
Oxy-Fuel Torch Holder
Oxy-Fuel Height
Torch lifter type
2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000
13 to 98 ft. (4 to 30 m)
6.5 ft. (2 m)
1 plasma only
1 plasma + 1 oxy-fuel on exchange station, no
1 (No band)
Marking only with plasma torch
2" (50 mm)
2-1/2" (60 mm) piercing / 6" (150 mm) edge starting
Manual 3 regulator, mounted at torch station
700 ipm (18000 mm/min)
• m2-200i
• iSeries 100 – 400
Plasma marking with plasma torch
Yaskawa Sigma 7 AC drives, AC Brushless Motors
25:1 Eisele Planetary Gearbox
Dual-Side Drive
Single piece beam & deck, welded assembly, machined with single linear rail
Aluminum extrusion with individual mounts for linear bearing blocks or
roller bearings.
Heavy-duty railroad type rail, machined on top and 2 sides.
Machined surface for rack mounting.
Mounted on fabricated H-Beams.
12" (300 mm) H-Beams, to be supplied by the customer or local distributor,
depending on sales region.
Standard on Left, optional on Right
High or Low, Right or Left
Plasma torch holder Torch clamp with magnetic breakaway
Ohmic Sensing
Torch clamp with magnetic breakaway
Not Available
C2-200 lifter with linear rail, ACME screw, DC-Stepper motor


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