Origo™ Vac Wall Mounted Filter

An efficient and versatile Weld fume extraction unit

Origo™ Vac Wall Mounted Filter System (MFS) simply solves the need of cleaning the air from particles, smoke and dust to provide the welder with a sound safe and efficient welding environment.
The MFS system removes the contaminants from the extracted air so that it can be returned to the atmosphere or recycled without negative effect.
The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small workspaces and larger manufacturing works. By mounting with an additional ESAB Origo™Vac Fan and Origo™Vac extraction arms, you can build up a solution to welding fumes for every workplace.


•Simple and quick installation – few parts
•Easy to expand
•Very flexible system – Can be fitted with various Origo™Arms in2, 3 or 4m lengths to extract fume at the welding piece
•Airflow of 1000 M3/h per arm at hood if used with a parallel filter combination
•Easy to replace cartridge – can change in minutes
•Pre filter/spark arrestor included in main filter
•For wall mounting
•Mounting brackets included as part of unit
•When added to OrigoVac fan – reduces noise level
Recommended filter replacement 1 year for general maintenance and small workshops


  • Fume Extraction
  • General Manufacturing
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Industrial and General Fabrication


For welding smoke, dust and particles.
Filter surface
Filtration degree
Filter media
Particle Filter
99%* (According to EN 1822, H 13)
Cellulose paper
Cellulose paper


Origo™ Vac Wall Mounted Filter
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