Practical and robust welding capability now in the palm of your hand

HandyArc’s success has a new look, with an innovative and robust design that brings the visual identity and ESAB quality straight to the palm of your hand. At only 3.7 kg, it features main voltage of 220V. The new HandyArc line brings a concept of ultraportable machines that are ideal for blacksmiths and professionals who need to make minor repairs inside and outside the workshop.


  • Practicality with robustness – Featuring a reinforced handle for transportation, the compact model fits in your tool cabinet and in the trunk of your motorcycle.
  • Simple and easy to use panel – Adjust the welding current according to the diameter of the electrode.
  • Economical as always – Excellent efficiency ensures the lowest energy consumption in the category.
  • Flawless weldability and easy arc opening – welds electrodes up to 3.25 mm, including 7018.
  • Productivity and security – More efficient and accurate turbo ventilation and an overheating sensor ensure that your machine works all day.
  • Extreme versatility – Weld all types of materials, including carbon steel, aluminium, chrome alloys and nickel.


  •  General Manufacturing
  • Hobbyist
  • Light Fabrication
  • Repair and Maintenance


Primary Voltage 1 ph
Maximum Output
Rated kVA
Recommended Generator
Open Circuit Voltage
MMA Welding Output
at 100% Duty Cycle
at 60% Duty Cycle
at 20% Duty Cycle
Current Range
Dimensions L x W x H
Operating Temperature
Enclosure Class
220 VAC ± 10%,
1ph, 50/60 Hz
160 A
7.04 kVA
≥ 10.5 kVA
75 V DC

72 A / 22.9 V
92 A / 23.7 V
160 A / 26.4 V
20 – 160 A
300 x 115 x 232 mm
3.7 kg
-10 to +40 °C
IEC 60974-1


HandyArc 3.25i, 220V 50/60 Hz


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