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Safety Features

ESAB flashback arrestor incorporate sophisticated safety features to guard against flashback and back feeding during normal operating conditions:

Inlet Filter:
Prohibits dirt from entering the flashback arrestor

Non Return Valve
Security against the reverse flow of gas

Flame Arrestor
A sintered stainless steel flame arrestor prevents flashbacks from entering the system

Thermal Cut-off Valve
In the event of sustained flashback or burnbacks, the valve closes automatically and cuts off the gas


  • Industrial and General Fabrication
  • Site work


FRT 3/8RH - FBA Reg Oxy
FRT 3/8LH - FBA Reg Fuel
FT 3/8RH - FBA Torch - Oxy
FT 3/8LH - FBA Torch -Fuel
FTH 8mm-3/8RH - FBA Torch nipple - Oxy

FTH 8mm-3/8LH - FBA Torch nipple - Fuel

FT 1/4LH - FBA -Fuel non reset

FT 1/4RH - FBA - Oxy non reset



ESAB Flashbacks

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