With all the advantages of 1Torch and proven ESAB’s
reliability, the automated A-Series delivers the best in
productivity, precision and performance.

SureLok® Electrode Technology
The innovative, patented, self-locking electrode mechanism
eliminates the need for an installation tool and ensures
precise electrode and tip alignment.
Both the electrode and tip are
stationary which results in a highly defined arc and precise
cuts. SureLok alignment also means longer tip and
electrode life and reduced operating costs.

Total Gas Management™
The SL100® SV 1Torch® eliminates the need for a
separate plasma gas distributor. Each tip includes plasma
gas ports uniquely tuned to optimize cutting
performance at its rated current. Select
from 40, 60, 80, 100 or 120 Amp tips
to optimize your cutting. The result is
Total Gas Management. Precision gas control,
longer consumable parts life and better cut performance.

Superior Quality at All Amperages
Whether you are fabricating thick plate or cutting ornamental
shapes, the Automation Series is perfect for the job.
At 120 Amp output, the A120 produces the BEST CUT
on 1/2″ (12 mm) mild steel plate at 70 IPM (1.86 m/min).
For those cutting intricate shapes, select low amperage
tips for kerf widths less than 0.045″ (1.14 mm) wide.
Whether you cut plate, HVAC duct work or ornamental
shapes, the A-Series is right for you.

Start Cartridge
High Frequency has been completely eliminated from the
plasma system. A patented component called the “Start
Cartridge” sits between the tip and electrode.
The Start Cartridge is in contact with the
tip while the torch is inactive. When a start
signal is given, air forces the cartridge to
break contact with the tip and the pilot arc
is started. This unique design allows the pilot arc
to start without moving either the tip or electrode, resulting
in better parts life, cut performance and reliability. The start
cartridge is the only moving part in the SL100SV torch.

Choice of Tip Shielding
Choose from two consumable styles:
Exposed Tip for cutting thin sheet
at low power & narrow kerf.
Shielded Tip for heavier plate
piercing and cutting.


  • A powerful 80% Duty Cycle to handle all-day
    production cutting in the toughest environments.
  • Single phase 230V for all units including
    the A120.
  • Light-weight, compact design and convenient mounting
    feet allow for easy mounting in any application.
  • Valve-in-torch design reduces cycle time between
    parts and increases productivity.
  • CNC Interface connection is located on the rear of
    the power supply offering “Start/Stop”,


Piercing &


Gauge (0.5 mm – 2 mm)
1/4" (6 mm)
3/8" (10 mm)
1/2" (12 mm)
5/8" (15 mm)
Sheet Metal – Ductwork, Artwork, Trailer Panels
Light Fabrication – Kitchenware, Autobody Panels, Pipe
Medium Fabrication – Industrial Components, Truck Frame & Body
Heavy Fabrication – Heavy Equipment Components, Structure
Components, Pipe
High Production – 80% Duty Cycle


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