DIAMETER PRO™ Thermal Dynamics®

Thermal Dynamics® integrated plasma system delivers the dynamic real-time process control required to make quality cuts consistently. Diameter PRO™ is the ideal process when you’re cutting holes in mild steel and aluminum from a 1:1 or greater diameter to thickness ratio on 10 gauge (3 mm) to 1″ (25 mm).

Automatically optimizes the holes at the iCNC
The Thermal Dynamics iCNC XT has the intelligence built-in to cut optimized quality holes. If automatic optimization is enabled at the iCNC, the system takes advantage of the optimized hole cutting process database and individually reprograms each hole for optimum cut quality. This is the power of an intelligent system, where all individual components including the plasma power source, gas consol, torch height control and machine motion are integrated to work seamlessly together. Required components for Diameter PRO include Thermal Dynamics iCNC XT controller with built-in iHC torch height control and Ultra Cut® Precision plasma system.

Works with any off-line nesting software
The optimization requires no action from either the torch operator or the programmer who creates the cutting program. Therefore it does not matter what nesting program you use, or even if you just cut shapes created by macro shapes, download directly from a CAD system, or any combination of these in one program.

Mild steel and Aluminum
Thermal Dynamics now has the optimized hole cutting processes for Aluminum as well, not just for mild steel. All commonly used plate thicknesses are covered as shown on this list of best processes below.



The Simplicity of Diameter PRO™
Diameter PRO allows you to cut high quality “optimized” holes in three simple steps.
Diameter PRO cuts bolt-ready holes with minimum-to-no taper. As soon as the holes are cut, the work piece is ready for finishing or assembly. That saves time and money, eliminating secondary processes and increasing productivity.


  • Bridge Construction Industry
  • Marine and Offshore Industry
  • Metal Beam Fabrication
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Ship and Offshore Yards
  • Ship/Barge Building
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Tank and Vessel Fabrication
  • Windtower


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