PAV Positioning system

The PAV control box together with the servo slides forms a manual positioning system for the welding head.

The PAV system makes it easier to keep the welding head in optimal position and it also makes it easier for the operator to make a good job with less welding faults and costly repairs.
The operators ergonomic safety is in focus. The PAV allows the adjustment of the welding head to be done fully remotely. There is no need to climb or stretch to reach and operate the manual slides for adjustment of weld positions. The operator can all the time keep the focus on the welding process and do adjustments just by using the joystick.
By using the PAV with the controls mounted on the remote box the operator can be more flexible and move along a larger object and still have full control over the position of the welding head.

PAV is available in three versions:

  1. With control panel on the front
  2. With remote control (no control panel on the front)
  3. Without control panel and remote control

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  • Robust and compact design
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Operator friendly
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Shorter set-up times
  • Higher quality
  • Improved working environment


  • General Manufacturing
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Industrial and General Fabrication


Connection voltage
Max motor current
Armature voltage
Field voltage
Current limit
Dimensions lxwxh
Weight, kg
Enclosure class
Remote Control
Dimensions lxwxh
Weight kg
Enclosure class
Intermediate transformer
Input voltage:
Output voltage:
Dimensions lxwxh
Weight, kg
42V AC 50-60 Hz
10A (slow)
6A 100%
40V DC
60V DC
IP 23
IP 23
190 , 230, 400 , 415, 440, 500V 50Hz
200 , 230, 400 , 415, 440, 500V 60Hz.
42V 660VA


PAV without control panel
PAV with control panel
PAV with remote control
Ordering Number
0460 502 880
0460 502 881
0460 697 880


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