A2S Mini Master SAW and LAF 1001 power source

The A2 Mini Master Welding Package is designed to make your welding operation optimal and to increase productivity and quality.

The A2 Mini Master for Submerged Arc Welding represents an automatic welding system designed with the emphasis on low weight, compactness and flexible use.
The system is built up around basic components. The welding head is easy adapted to any ESAB carrier but can also be adapted to a foreign carrier if so required.
The LAF 1001 welding power source have excellent welding characteristics throughout the entire current and voltage range. Particularly good is the starting and re-ignition properties. All welding data are set and monitored from the process controller PEK.



  • Applications
    • For retrofitting or replacement of old equipment
    • To be adapted to existing or new produced carriers
    • Welding of flat or round objects


For technical data we refer to resp fact sheet:
A2S Mini Master SAW XA00088820
Process controller PEK XA00143720
Power source LAF 1001 XA00143820


15 m
24 m
35 m
A2S Mini Master package
Cable package for LAF 1001
Cable package for LAF 1001
Cable package for LAF 1001
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0460 660 980
0460 663 980
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0460 663 982


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