ESAB Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) welding and cutting safety gear is engineered for performance and comfort.

PPE offers protection from arc flash, sparks, flying objects, heat, welding fumes and harmful UV/infrared light and other environmental hazards associated with welding, grinding and cutting.

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Why choose ESAB PPE & Accessories?

Helmets and head protection

ESAB offers fixed shade “flip-style” helmets and high-performance automatic helmets with adjustable shade lenses. ESAB helmets pass every one of the 49 tests required under the ANSI Z87.1-2010 standards, covering eye and face protection, yet their lightweight shells deliver all-day comfort and impact protection from flying objects.

Revolutionary design and functionality

Welding safety never looked cool— or felt so comfortable — until ESAB launched the SENTINEL A50. The best welders deserve the best helmet — and the best welders choose ESAB.

Advanced ADF technology

Our advanced “auto-darkening filter” ADF technology and True Color technology redefine visibility for the welder with a high optical class ADF, allowing for a brighter view and enhanced color definition for reading the weld puddle. The large viewing area provides better spatial awareness while welding or cutting.

PAPRs – Powered Air Purifying Respirators

ESAB PAPRs have NIOSH certification (in North America) and remove 99.9% of fine particles. PAPRs are used when welding with some cored wires, working in confined or poorly ventilated spaces and for protecting operators from hexavalent chromium fumes, which are generated from stainless steel, chrome alloys and chrome-coated metals.

ESAB PPE Innovation

Automatic welding helmets all looked and functioned the same, and then ESAB lit up the industry with the SENTINEL A50 and its combination of radical looks with a spherical front lens cover, ergonomic 5-point HALO headgear, intuitive controls and crystal-clear visibility. Its True Color technology and the 1/1/1/2 optical quality of its welding lenses provides an excellent view of the weld puddle. Thanks to its hyper-visible LCD control panel, standard analog buttons get an upgrade via a full-color LCD touchscreen panel, similar to a smartphone’s screen. This premium display increases clarity for welders, and its intuitive controls and easy-to-use functions make clever technology simple.