ESAB manual plasma systems are engineered for cutting power.

Through its Thermal Dynamics brand, ESAB offers manual plasma cutters to improve cut quality, precision and efficiency in the shop or field. Plasma gouging consumables for metal removal, mechanized plasma torches and cutting modes for expanded metal (grates) add further application flexibility.

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Why choose ESAB manual plasma?

Power, portability and performance

Lightweight Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters are packed with power, offering the highest power-to-weight ratio in their category. From sheet metal to thick plate, users can take on more fabrication challenges.

Material and location flexibility

Plasma cuts mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and virtually any metal that conducts electricity. Coupled with input power flexibility and extreme durability, air plasma cutters go wherever the work takes you.

Productivity booster

Thermal Dynamics manual plasma units cut quickly with minimal heat-affect zone, improving productivity over saws and thermal cutting methods. Users can trace templates for precise shapes and use straight edge and circle cutting guides for even greater accuracy.

Torch performance

The best-known torch in the industry, the 1Torch with ATC (Advanced Torch Connector) lets users switch torches between machines or swap between angled torches for manual cutting and straight torches for mechanized cutting.

ESAB Plasma Cutting Innovation

Thermal Dynamics invented the modern long-lasting plasma electrode, now embodied in the Cutmaster Black Series electrode, which offers up to 60% longer life. Thermal Dynamics also pioneered lightweight inverter technology, enabling users to cut steel up to 2-in. with a unit that weighs just 62 lbs. Each unit features today’s advanced technology and intelligent design. High-visibility, oversized displays, gas optimizer technology and consumables end-of-life indicator make setup and use simple and productive.