ESAB gas equipment delivers industry-leading heating, welding and flow control solutions.

Our gas equipment brands include Victor, TurboTorch, GCE, all industrial leaders recognized for safety, performance, reliability and innovation.

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Why choose ESAB gas equipment?

Spec gas equipment and valve leader

The GCE Druva product line focuses on high-purity and specialty gases and provides highly configurable gas control equipment well suited for central gas supply (manifold) systems. The GCE cylinder valves product range encompasses standard valves, residual pressure valves (RPV), industrial and medical valve integrated pressure regulators (VIPR), stainless steel specialty gas valves, medical valves, combi valves, dip tubes and guards.

Industrial regulators

Victor offers single stage and two stage regulators, flow gauges and flow meters, high flow regulators and high pressure regulators for Air, Oxygen, Inert Gas, Methane, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Acetylene and LP (alternate fuel) gases.

Oxyfuel and air fuel torches, regulators and outfits

We offer Victor oxyfuel/oxyacetylene cutting outfits with combination torch handles and attachments for cutting and heating, as well as straight torches, cutting tips, welding tips, check valves and flashback arrestors, cutting machines and machine torches.

Brazing and soldering

TurboTorch is the first name in air fuel (“air swirl”) torches, manual and self-lighting tips for air acetylene and Map-Pro/propane, regulators and portable tote outfits for air fuel brazing and soldering, as well as nitrogen purging and other HVAC applications.

ESAB Gas Equipment Innovation

Victor invented the modern gas regulator, then redefined the category with Victor EDGE 2.0 regulators with their innovative design. Unique safety functions include:

Patented SLAM™ (Shock Limitation and Absorption Mechanism) technology built into the adjusting knob, permitting the knob to absorb the impact in the event of a cylinder fall.

A patented particle trap that passes the ASTM G-175 promoted ignition test.

Compact, patented design that integrates the gauge into the regulator body for superior safety and protection.

Victor EDGE 2.0 also redefined the user experience with a large diameter delivery gauge and a high-contrast, color-coded gauge face that enables operators to more easily see and set delivery pressure. The cylinder pressure gauge is smaller and offset to create a difference in depth perception. Even from a distance, operators can tell if they have enough cylinder contents and if delivery pressure is within safe and acceptable ranges. The Victor EDGE 2.0 uses a stainless- steel diaphragm that has surpassed 50,000 endurance cycles, which is five times more than UL requires.